- produces demanding software products and services that significantly facilitate the business operations of its customers

Werdia is a stable and reliable software company established in 2000. We have vast experience in the development of innovative software products in close cooperation with our customers. Werdia has thorough and extensive expertise in the insurance and banking fields, in particular.

We have designed several products for the insurance field that, for the first time, solve typical problems faced by sales organisations and improve the efficiency of their operations. Furthermore, Werdia has long-term expertise in the infrastructure and traffic fields.

Werdia briefly:

  • Financially profitable and reliable 
  • Wholly owned by its management and board members
  • Continued investment in growth, product development and recruitment

Our competitive advantage


     - demanding data systems with an excellent price-quality ratio

Werdia provides its customers with tailored, Internet- and intranet-based services using Microfoft.NET technologies.Werdia can produce demanding data systems much more efficiently than large IT service companies. Our price-quality ratio is at an excellent level. We can also estimate project schedules and costs realistically.

Industry know-how

     - thorough understanding of the target markets enables the development of great products

We can develop new successful products because we can identify blind spots in operations where no functional software solution has been produced. Werdia’s key personnel have thorough competence in the insurance, infrastructure and traffic industries. As development starts from the customer’s true needs, there is also demand for products. As a result, we can avoid developing fancy software that no-one needs.

Work method

     - accurately forecasted project schedules and expenses

In software development projects, we select the most suitable system model specifically for each project.

The traditional project model is suitable for projects where the customer’s true needs are known at the beginning. As a result, accurate definitions can be prepared at the beginning and later implemented in stages.

Agile software development methods are becoming more general where the definitions are specified during the project. In these projects, systems expand slowly in steps so that a specific area is completed in each step. The project progress is very transparent at all times. In agile methods, it is easy to react to the customer’s new requirements and changes in the operational environment.


Werdia Oy is a profitable Espoo-based company seeking growth that produces innovative software solutions for its customers. The company has committed personnel with thorough competence in the insurance, banking, infrastructure and traffic industries, in particular.