Werdia Leads

    - for increasing the number and quality of sales deals, and controlling contact lists

Werdia Leads -system is a browser-based system that is easy to use and that produces significant competitive benefits for finance organisations. Werdia Leads crm -system enters fresh sales leads, designed for the needs of the Finnish insurance and banking industries.

The objective is to increase the productivity of marketing and sales. Leads and prospects are the most important capital of sales organisations!

Features of the Werdia Leads –system:

  • Collect customer contacts from different sources
  • Fast and high-quality customer contacts
  • Cost-effective and simple system that is easy to implement


Produces inventiveness in sales

     - With Werdia Leads different registers can be used more inventively in sales

Sales leads from all possible electronic registers can be uploaded to the Werdia Leads -system and sent to sellers as desired. The sales person receives recent information about customers that are potential buyers. For example, a customer has requested further information about a product, or the customer would be entiteled to bonsues by buying more insurances.

Tool of the sales department

     - Potential buyers are those who increase the motivation of sales people

Werdia Leads -system makes producing good sales leads possible so that sales can concentrate on selling.

Werdia Leads -system also brings quality and systematics to customer service. Notes and comments can be entered in the system for each customer,allowing the sales management to easily monitor the functionality of sales leads.


Quick reactions mean better service

     - Contact comes from the right person at the right time

Any text file can be uploaded to the Werdia Leads -system, when the information matches the interface description.

The system contains an alarm feature, which moves information about a potential customer to the top of the calling list at the time of contact requested by the customer.


Basic Architecture of Werdia Leads

Architecture of Werdia Products


Advantages of Werdia Leads -system

  • User-friendly
  • Browser-based system enables remote use 24/7
  • Different levels of user rights
  • The open documented interface enables data transfer from different information and insurance systems
  • Stores a version history for agreements and calculations
  • Hosting-, maintenance- and support services
  • Software version updates are automatically available to customers
  • Possible to customise
  • Werdia Leads and Werdia Commissions systems are easy to integrate


Werdia Leads
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