- supplementary services for special situations

In addition to customised internet- and intranet-based solutions Werdia also offers consultation services. Our employees’ broad and deep knowledge helps in solving our customer’s problems in the insurance, banking, infrastructure and traffic industries that need special input.

Consultation brings together industry expertise and software development knowledge.

Consultation supplements well Werdia’s product and service selection. For example, a customer may require consultation as a service connected to the Werdia Commissions -system. Our experts can help the customer in planning its commission and reward contracts, so that the sales organisation can reach its goals. Contracts can be adjusted specifically for each individual, group, sales channel, product or time period.

Maximising software’s benefits

Consultation helps customers get the best benefits out of their systems. For example, we can help in streamlining the sales process so that it works better with data systems. Once processes are in order, systems should be built and new software developed.

Werdia has vast experience in innovative software development and close cooperation with its customers. Products and services are easy to buy from us because we can see the customer’s problems from a wide perspective and identify the customer’s true needs by presenting specific questions. We can often produce a broader solution than the customer had originally imagined possible.


Werdia provides its customers with supplementary consultation for getting the best benefits out of the systems being developed for them.