Werdia Commissions

    - for calculating commissions, reporting and payments

Werdia Commissions -system is an easy to use browser-based system that produces significant competitive advantages for finance organisations. Werdia Commissions -system is created to be a flexible system for calculating commissions, payments and reporting.

Werdia Commissions -system is ready to use and comprehensively planned that is easy to implement through standard interfaces to any other existing systems.

Features of the Werdia Commissions –system:

  • Easy and quick implementation
  • Upload sales information from multiple systems
  • Process developed commissions systems and sales agreements
  • Diminish financial department’s work load


Sales to a new level

     - free yourself from rigid systems and raise your sales organisation to a whole new level

Werdia Commissions -system resolves challenges related to the agreement and payment of sales commissions. This system can customise unique agreements so that reporting and payments work out easily and quickly. Werdia Commissions -system frees companies from the chains of formal agreements and calculation systems, and helps to raise the entire sales organisation to a whole new level.

Werdia Commissions -system can process complicated sales agreements that contain rates specified by different limit values, compensation denominated in euro and one-time bonuses. With properly adjusted commissions, management can motivate sellers and encourage them to sell specific products.


Accurate and quick salary calculations

     - Save financial department’s time and effort

Outsourcing sales brings challenges to organisations due to different information related to the payment of salaries and commissions. Werdia Commissions -system facilitates the calculation of versatile commissions, which saves time and effort.

Werdia Commission -system eases the work load of the financial department. The system provides the financial department with all information related to the payment of salaries and commissions, and accumulated provisions. Werdia organises training for administrators who, after training, can maintain information and make the required changes in commission agreements.


Increased Business Intelligence

     - Analyse and develop your sales to be more competitive

Werdia Commissions -system provides the management with an excellent tool for analysing and developing sales. Sales information can be run from the system specifically for each seller, product or region. This helps to identify business activity entities.

Finance organisations are able to utilise their information capital because the system is built on a database and has easy-to-use search functions. Werdia Commissions -system helps finance organisations in developing their service selection and pricing.


Basic Architecture of Werdia Commissions

Architecture of Werdia Products


Advantages of Werdia Commissions -system

  • User-friendly
  • Browser-based system enables remote use 24/7
  • Different levels of user rights
  • The open documented interface enables data transfer from different information and insurance systems
  • Stores a version history for agreements and calculations
  • Hosting-, maintenance- and support services
  • Software version updates are automatically available to customers
  • Possible to customise
  • Werdia Commissions and Werdia Leads systems are easy to integrate


Werdia Commissions
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